Ellie Bug

Crystal EST

Your favorite slot machine waifu.

About Me.

Ellie Bug. She/her.Casual Gposer, Pose Maker and Slot Machine.Not much to say besides I'm the usual twt gposer and ingame dealer at a local venue, known for being their slot machine. I do occasional modding and streaming on twitch!

Gposing Comms.

  Solo Pose     500k for 2 pics.
  Group Poses     700k for 2 people +50k per person added.
  Venue Pics     300k /hr MAX 4 hours.
  Ad Pics     Flat 800k fee. 100k+ per photo.
  NSFW     1mil for 2 pics.
  Couple NSFW     3mil for 2 pics.

  Extra info:     If interested please contact on discord. (@Elliesif)
You can provide poses and shaders to use, if not, I will choose my own based on my liking.
Please keep in mind my specialty is mostly PORTRAIT gposes, so they will be in Portrait unless requested otherwise.
Please provide .mcdfs of modded characters, as I do not share my user info to anyone.
If you want a specific spot, please request so!


where to find me.
I am a Head Dealer (Manager) for Roxbury & Colosseum. Come hang! Full time: Roxbury Nightclub. Every Thursday from 9pm-12am EST.
Full Time: Wet Spot. Every Wednesday from 8pm-2am EST.
whats different about us?
Our games are hosted by the first and (maybe) only duo dealer gambling.
What this means is every game is hosted by me and my partner!
For example, in BlackJaxx my partner starts dealers hand and player hands, while I manage the dealers second card and further dealer hits or stands!
games we offer.
Our casino games where created with our original venue Colosseum.
We offer games like BlackJaxx, High/Low Extreme and Royal, Roman SuperSLOTS, and PrimeTime.
If you would wish to hire me for a private party, venue nights, etc. please contact me via discord (@Elliesif).
I can only offer Black Jack at the moment. Dealers money pool must be provided by buyer. (10mil min) Buyer keeps all earnings.
how our games work.
Each of our games offer a fun an exciting way to win some gil! Check out our rules for each game here.
come visit!
If all of this interests you, please come pay me a visit when I'm working at my venues! I will ensure you have the most fun you can have, and that is a promise!